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Youth Stabs his Father to Death in Galali

2017-10-21 - 1:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini man stabbed on Saturday (October 21, 2017) his father to death following a family fight. Information confirmed that the son was under the effect of drugs when he killed his father.

Sources confirmed that the son, 32 years, stabbed his father twice in the chest. The son was under the effect of Shabu drug and he fought with his father we he returned home at 3 AM.

The incident happened in Galali in the Muharraq governorate.

The police immediately arrived to the scene, arrested the son and called the ambulance to transfer the father to the hospital. However, the father passed away after reaching the hospital.

The public prosecution was informed and it directly went to examine the scene and listen to the testimonies of witnesses.

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