Photos: Protests Held in Different Bahraini Villages

2017-10-20 - 4:39 p

Bahrain Mirror: Hundreds of protestors took part in protests in different villages in Bahrain, demanding to lift the house arrest on the spiritual leader of Shia majority Sheikh Isa Qassim and release detainees and condemning children arrest.

Protests were held on Thursday (October 19, 2017) night in each of Sitra, Karzakan, Al-Maamir, and Diraz that is under siege.

In Abu Saiba, Al-Shakoura, Al-Maqsha, Al-Maamir, Al-Daih, Al-Dair and Nuwaidirat, protestors burnt tires and blocked main streets.

The security authorities clamped down peaceful protests in each of Sitra, Al-Maamir, Abu Saiba, Al-Shakoura and Nuwaidirat. Meanwhile, clashes broke out between security forces and protestors in Al-Maamir and Nuwaidirat.





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