Al-Bilad Al-Qadeem: Khalil Al-Hayiki; A Life Worth Celebrating

2017-10-03 - 12:33 am

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: On Tuesday September 5, 2017, a man named Khalil Ibrahim Isa Al-Hayiki passed away. Many probably don't know who Al-Hayiki (Aba Ali) is, and they have the right not to, since he never worked for the sake of people knowing him.

Khalil Al-Hayiki left after a life worth celebrating and documenting; he was a pure national Bahraini fighter, a religious decent man of principles and unlimited good. An entire generation might pass without having a figure like Hajj Khalil; a heart deriving its kindness from the heart of God, his mercy and giving, and a soul that happily gives up its years to others. He was the pearl of his generation and more to come, and life wouldn't be as kind to us even with many of his likes around.

In 1984, Khalil spent his wedding night in fear, according to what he told people in a close circle around him. After his wedding party was over, he remained silent, and he wasn't like any other groom taken by the happiest night of his life. His bride (his cousin), didn't know what was on his mind that night, as he remained at the lookout for something no one knew back then.


In the early 80s, many activists who were involved in calm political and awareness activism were arrested. They were tried under the case named "Al-Da'awa Party". One of Al-Hayiki's friends, who were involved with him in these activities, was arrested, and Al-Hayiki was informed of his arrest just before his wedding. He expected that his turn will come, and he will be arrested at the night of his wedding and wife won't see him for long years. That day went by peacefully, and he remained free some time.

After 12 years, the time of arrest came, precisely in April 1996 during the 90s uprising. Khalil Al-Hayiki was arrested by National Security officers from his house in Al-Bilad Al-Qadeem. He was then taken to the apparatus specialized in torture. Around three weeks into his arrest, the Ministry of Interior announced it arrested more than 30 people accused of forming what they called "Bahrain's Hezbollah" group. Al-Hayiki was in the list, and was accused of playing a leading role.

Among those who interrogated Khalil Al-Hayiki were Adel Flayfel, Isa Al-Nuaimi, Adnan Al-Dha'in, Baqer Al-Wedaei, Salah Al-Yasi, Abdullah al-Kaabi, Hassan Al-Amani, and Shubeir. Among those who tortured Al-Hayiki were Haidar Al-Mubasher, and two from al-Sammak family, who tortured their own cousin arrested in the same case, to show their loyalty to the security apparatus and the regime.

Years in Prison

Al-Hayiki was sentenced to 7 years of prison, and served 5 of them before a public pardon was issued in January 2001. After he was released, he told those around him that the "National Action Charter" is merely a trap, as he believed that the ruling family will not wait before attacking the opposition political groups and forces. He also believed there is no credibility to any political scheme, as it works based on guerilla basis and not state and country basis. Since he said that, 15 years have passed, and here we are living what proves his perspective at a time when everyone had high hopes of a new era and new beginning; yet here we are living in the worst political era.

Many of those in prison with Al-Hayiki stress that he was a teacher and mentor that many learned from, and that his presence to them was like an inspiring model. The Whispered Prayer of the Repenters for Imam Ali bin Hussein (PBUH) is his favorite: "My God, my sins have covered me in the garment of my lowliness."

Prosecution after Prison

In 2007, Al-Hayiki suffered a health status that caused him physical challenges, probably due to the torture he was subjected to. Despite his disability, Khalil wasn't safe from being prosecuted and tortured by the National Security Apparatus. One time, when his house was raided, Al-Hayiki was sick in bed, but that did not stop them from hitting him before they threw at him juice metal cans. He was too weak to protect his own body. The security apparatus continued to prosecute his son Sadeq everywhere. In late 2015, after a group of arresting a number of youths in Al-Bilad Al-Qadeem, he was pursued by name during the investigations, as they said he is linked to a case back then. The National Security apparatus called him to his phone to threaten him, and he calmly answered them: I'm sick in my home and I cannot move!

Impact on People

Concerning his charity work, Al-Hayiki, who worked as an engineer at the Ministry of Electricity, was a flow of good will and giving, and he is one of the most important founders of the charity fund of Al-Bilad Al-Qaddem, Al-Zinj and Athari. His friends recall in the early 90s that Al-Hayiki would carry around a portfolio after some meetings. The portfolio was regarding the establishment of the charity fund, that became a flow of goodness and life for many poor people in the areas. Almost all mosques in the area had a contribution from him, whether in the "building drawings" or the implementation to placing the last brick. Almost all obsequies saw his contribution, and everyone sees him in all the good. He kept a distant from the prestige ranking that the society suffered from, he didn't want to be in a high rank, although he was perfectly capable. He preferred her remains only "Khalil"; Khalil who helped the poor, and didn't want to have anything for the sake of his personal benefits.

After his release from prison in 2001, he established a project to support the university education, which children of poor families in Al-Bilad Al-Qadeem benefited from, and now became university students, and see success in their lives. Many regard "Khalil" as the godfather for dozens of young people.

Many stories can be told about radical changes that Al-Hayiki has made in the life of individuals or families; stories that do not end and cannot be summarized. They are individuals who shifted from complete loss to having a stabilized life with a goal, and families whose situation became better because of this man who became a father to everyone, although he wasn't the oldest, but he was one of the best.

Invincible Smile

Al-Hayiki suffered around 10 years of physical disability, yet his smile and words of thankfulness and gratefulness never escaped his lips and heart. The words "Thank God" were the words everyone heard him say. Never did he complain about his situation, as his soul was much tougher than his sickness, that is why he defeated it with his content and smile.

In his last night, his faithful loving wife "Um Ali" visited him in the hospital, where he was admitted for health complications. She said he was praying only, and never spoke. She went back home, and before she slept, she called him Monday night while he was still at the hospital, and he told her, "I feel my soul is in the heavens, I can see God's power."

At dawn, "Um Ali" called him to his room. The nurse answered "He is okay", but then after a while, she checked on him to find that he had closed his eyes calmly and passed away.

On his funeral day, hundreds of mourners, each of whom had a story with "Khalil", would pray for him to receive in return for the good that he did. "Today, a man who is the best of God's servants, and most beneficial for people, has gone, he gave everything, and never talked of anything he did", one mourner said, another said, "He worked his entire life to reach this day." That day has come our dear "Khalil", congratulations on this insight and worthy life you had.

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